Owned and operated by Geof and Amy Suits, Physique Etc. Personal Training Studio developed out of the need for a high quality, personal training facility with some flair, and a bit of fun. Established in 1996, the studio has seen hundreds of clients from all walks of life. Each person coming into the studio is regarded as a friend and there is a feel of "Cheers" in the air... where everybody knows your name. Geof and Amy have their heart and soul in the facility and it shows in their commitment to the establishment and their clientele.

The mission at Physique Etc. Personal Training Studio is to provide a safe, exciting atmosphere to achieve one’s fitness and athletic goals. The Personal Trainer team at Physique Etc. Personal Training Studio is unsurpassed in Colorado Springs with over 60 years of collective experience. Each personal trainer is an athlete themselves and knows what it takes to succeed in the sports and fitness arena. Whether the desire is a new, transformed body, competitive athletics, or simply better function in everyday life, Physique Etc. Personal Training Studio has customized programs and a Certified Personal Trainer specifically for you.

Our 5000sq ft facility allows us to to work with any type of athlete, from post rehab to olympic weightlifting. The facility completes a dream Geof and Amy have shared to provide the best, well equipped, Personal Training Studio in Colorado Springs.

Physique Etc. Personal Training Studio is conveniently located east of I-25, on the corner of Cimarron and Sawatch, downtown Colorado Springs, in 'The Warehouse' building, downstairs. Just follow the laughter...