OUTDOORS... In a word, this is who Geof is. If there is an outdoor adventure, he will find a way to do it. Geof has a passion for adventure sports: climbing, hiking, cycling (both road and mountain), skiing, ski mountaineering, and pretty much anything else. His experience early in his career as a competitive bodybuilder taught him the drive necessary to excel in these sports and he carries this passion and drive to his clients.

As the owner of the gym with his wife Amy, Geof brings to Physique Etc. Personal Training Studio 20 years of experience as an NFPT Certified Personal Trainer. During this time, Geof has worked closely with physicians, physical therapists, and others in the medical field to acquire extensive knowledge of the human body and movement. Geof specializes in post rehabilitation, having taken the ISSA Post Rehabilitation Specialist course. His knowledge of biomechanics and kinesiology, allow him to quickly assess the functional needs of his clientele and develop a plan to best suit the individual.

As a former PSIA Ski Instructor, Geof uses the experience he gained in student based teaching to expand the skills and capabilities of his clients by meeting their needs and desires.

Geof is also a Certified USAW Weightlifting and Sports Performance Coach. This has been a fantastic add to his quiver. Utilizing these techniques helps develop broader power and strength for any individual, regardless of age or experience.

Geof also has a competitive side. He was 2nd in Colorado in the Mountain States Cup Downhill Bike Race Series in 2004. Geof competed at the state level in bodybuilding and won 1st place in his class at the Colorado State Natural Bodybuilding Championships in 1992. Geof currently competes in cross-country mountain bike racing. In 2014 Geof was second in the Winter Park Epic Singletrack MTB Series in his age group and class.

Geofs' family is what is most important to him. It is a blessing to him to be able to share his passion of life and fitness with his wife Amy, and share the experiences of life with his daughter Alex, his granddaughter Bella and grandson Levi!