With a passion for fitness that is only outmatched by his passion for his clients’ success, Jeff loves the challenge that each individual body brings. He has been a personal trainer for over 16 years and thrives on seeing how much his clients change from the inside out. In fact, he lives and breathes fitness, carrying it through other areas of his life as well – martial arts, cycling, and nutrition.

As a 3rd Degree Black Belt and student of marital arts for 9 years, Jeff knows the importance of focus and working towards a goal. His eleven-year love of on and off-road cycling, including amateur racing, fuels his endurance and excitement for a challenge. Of course, none of these would reach such high levels of success if it were not for the strong emphasis Jeff places on nutrition. It is by creating a healthy mind and body that he is able to propel himself and his clients to the next level. It is his dedication and support to be a part of this positive change that sets him apart from other personal trainers.

Jeff is fascinated by the biomechanics of the body. His love of personal training started when he was studying Biology with an emphasis in Exercise Science at the University of Colorado. He then went on to get his Personal Training Certification at Bally Total Fitness so he could pursue his desire to help people by sharing what he has learned. He has been with Physique Etc. Personal Training Studio for 15 years now. His additional training includes:

• Annual Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association three-day Training Seminar
• Kevin Kearns Functional Training for Sports
• National Strength & Conditioning Seminars in General Fitness and Core Training
• Developed a three-month Progressive Fitness Plan in association with the 90 Fitness Challenge with UKKSA
• USAW Sports Performance Weightlifting Coach

Jeff is a happily married father of two. Outside of fitness, he loves spending time with his family and on occasion he has been known to tell a good joke.